Monday, October 10, 2016

It's always a trade-off

I know an incredibly handsome actor. So handsome that when I introduced him to another actor recently she blurted out right in front of him: "Oh my god I didn't know he was going to be so handsome!"

And he isn't only handsome, he's sweet and affable and incessantly flirty, with men, women and Siamese cats.

It's one thing to imagine making love to such a creature but the reality of an ongoing relationship must result in an incredible amount of stress, knowing that so many others want to jump on his dick. And not just middle-aged playwrights, but women who are professionally beautiful, the kind of women an actor is likely to meet - dancers, singers, models, other actors. To maintain a relationship with him you'd have to have a personality composed of a rare combination of rock-solid self-esteem, low-levels of jealousy, and probably most important, an obliviousness and self-absorption so complete that you are spared from noticing the constant onslaught he is subject to, the endless bids for time and attention and much more from hoards of women and a not inconsiderable number of men.

There are so few men who combine beauty with approachability that when one appears he is the flame to all the moths within a 50 mile radius. Maybe it's better to imagine the pleasures of fire than risk the heart's sure immolation.