Monday, October 17, 2016

LaBute sighting

I'm pretty sure I passed Neil LaBute on my block today while going for a morning coffee. He was headed in the direction of Central Park, walking with someone I sincerely hope was his personal trainer. The dude is out of shape.

Even though the UW and UE sides are crawling with so many celebrities it's like the wax figures escaped from Madam Tussands in Times Square and headed uptown, I wasn't expecting to see LaBute, so I quickly Googled him to see if he lives on the UWS and sure enough... the photo on this post is from the Twitter feed of a guy who bumped into LaBute at an UWS movie theater a year ago. LaBute is on the left but the photo is cropped so you cannot see his prodigious avoirdupois.

Normally I wouldn't mention someone being overweight - I've certainly had my own up and down struggles with weight over the years - but I just can't stand LaBute - and not for his work so much as his contemptible attitude which I noted six years ago on this blog:
LaBute isn't only angry, he's also a gigantic self-confessed douchebag:
And that makes a side of LaBute happy. "It's part of my makeup," he says, "to ruin a perfectly good day for people."
I'm happy to report that LaBute failed to ruin a perfectly good day for me, at least. This time.