Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rightwingers and cops freak out over high school art, call for censorship and a "station house adjustment"

I am embarassed, shocked, dismayed, angered, outraged, chagrined, and disgusted, that this is going on in my hometown of Westfield, NJ.
In a day and time in which drawing pictures of false prophets like Mohammed would get us in trouble, because of sensitivities, that something this gross and moronic would be allowed!
I am thoroughly disgusted

The artwork depicts images of officers shooting, a target on a silhouette with his hands up, a bloodied body stabbed by a police shield and other scenes on a...
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  • Barbara Guglielmi Mendoza Sorry for the rant but this make me sick to my stomach.
    1 · 7 hrs
  • Todd Cashdollar I don't blame you. It's outrageous! What happened to you and your daughter is messed up! So angering!
    1 · 7 hrs
  • Barbara Guglielmi MendozaThey are pathetic. They should think about putting this kind of effort into dealing with the drug and alcohol problem at the school. They work so hard to cover up so much and the funny thing is the police help the kids who live in that town all of th...See More
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  • Aileen Ann I think the artist deserves a "station house adjustment" ... my brother had one. He did a lot in later years -- but he never once crossed the line.
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