Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Women on stage - April 17 & 18

It was during my 2008 JANE EYRE production that I realized that I had stepped into a big nest of vipers.

And events that have occurred in the past two years have only confirmed my initial assessment of this group of people - or rather, the past two years have shown they are even worse shameless hypocrites, saboteurs, and vicious defamers than I initially realized, and on top of that, as I discovered in the past few weeks, misogynists.

I got two things out of the experience: a greater sense of caution born of a new and definite understanding of the incredible lack of personal integrity that exists across great swaths of the off-off Broadway community, and a batch of literary/theatrical works.

The work includes sonnets, a story, and several plays. The plays are HAPPILY MARRIED, YULE COUNTY, BUDDY & JULIA (a full-length that's only about 30% complete), WORDSMITHS and GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE. GOOD WOMEN is the next one up for production.

But even though I think JANE was a beautiful production in spite of everything, and many people loved it, and I like my post-viper plays and some of the sonnets, I'd gladly turn back the clock and not do any of it at all if it meant I could go the rest of my life in blissful ignorance of the nest of vipers.