Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Whoohoo! Militant Atheist Scientists!

In the NYTimes
This article is currently the 3rd most emailed at the Times.

I'm not a huge fan of Richard Dawkins since he's a big ole evolutionary psychologist - although certainly not the worst - but I do enjoy his in-your-face lack of God:
Before he left to fly back home to Austin, Dr. Weinberg seemed to soften for a moment, describing religion a bit fondly as a crazy old aunt.

“She tells lies, and she stirs up all sorts of mischief and she’s getting on, and she may not have that much life left in her, but she was beautiful once,” he lamented. “When she’s gone, we may miss her.”

Dr. Dawkins wasn’t buying it. “I won't miss her at all,” he said. “Not a scrap. Not a smidgen.”