Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Go Al Gore!

This cartoon appears in this week's New Yorker. You can buy a print at the Cartoon Bank

The New Yorker has a great review of "An Inconvenient Truth" in the latest issue. I especially liked this
(Gore) knows that people find him exasperating, and he has learned to modulate his voice; one has the impression of a complex personality that has gone through loss, humiliation, a cruel breaking down of the ego, and then has reintegrated itself at a higher level. In the movie he is merely excellent. But in person—he is on a speaking tour to promote the movie—he presents a combination of intellectual force, emotional vibrancy, and moral urgency that has hardly been seen in American public life in recent years. It will be interesting to watch how skeptics will deal with Gore’s bad news on the environment without making themselves look very small.
An Incovenient Truth web site.