Saturday, June 13, 2020

George Harrison memes

There are memes now about George Harrison's ravenous appetite.

I do recall an interview with Lennon in which he said Harrison could eat as much as he wanted and never gain weight, which John, who gained weight easily, resented.

This next meme is based on fact - Harrison really did say "John's wife."

The kicker is that in fact George liked Ringo's wife and had an affair with her.

In other Beatles news: the Peter Jackson directed "Get Back" documentary about the Beatles has been pushed back a year, to a 2021 release. I just found out about the movie today.
The film creates a cheerful counter-narrative to the Beatles’ 1970 swan song “Let It Be” film, which essentially documented the group’s breakup and is a rather downbeat experience. The new film, segments of which Variety viewed earlier this year, feels completely different, with the four members laughing and clowning around in classic moptop fashion. Unlike virtually every other item in the group’s oeuvre, has been out of circulation for many years — as if the surviving bandmembers didn’t want to deal with it — although the group has promised a restored version will be released sometime in the future.

Speaking of Beatles-related stuff, I recently found this Cibo Matto performance from 1998 when Sean Lennon was in the band. He was looking mighty fine with the super-long hair. Long before he became a fan of the dread Intellectual Dark Web. Ugh.