Sunday, May 17, 2020

Pinkerite continues

I juggle so many projects at any given time, I'm always looking for an excuse to drop one. I think most often of dropping my blog Pinkerite.

It's monotonous sometimes to keep writing about the same old race science promoting creeps and to have to occasionally look at the toxic sludge of professional racists like Steve Sailer. Monotonous and depressing to contemplate the stupidity and sheer evil in the world.

And during the coronovirus pandemic Steven Pinker has been quiet about race science. I was beginning to think maybe he was going to drop his support for it - or at least stop talking about it. I thought I might have to drop Pinkerite or at the very least change the name.

Then Pinker joined with other Koch-supported toadies to charge the New York Times with Orwellian free-speech suppression on behalf of a controversy from way back last December.

So I spent the afternoon writing a response, Four Koch toadies defend race science on Pinkerite instead of going to the park with the other mask-wearing social distancers.