Saturday, July 17, 2010

oh Krugman...

I know you're right but you're soooo depressing!
Of course, flirting with crisis is arguably part of the plan. There has always been a sense in which voodoo economics was a cover story for the real doctrine, which was “starve the beast”: slash revenue with tax cuts, then demand spending cuts to close the resulting budget gap. The point is that starve the beast basically amounts to deliberately creating a fiscal crisis, in the belief that the crisis can be used to push through unpopular policies, like dismantling Social Security.
more on evil Republican schemes at the NYTimes...

*sigh* I need something less depressing to think about... I know!

Daniel Genalo in the forthcoming Marie Claire "Broadway" edition:

Please note that he is wearing the hanging-down suspenders that I admired not so long ago on the Steampunk Cutie here on this blog. Daniel claims it was his own idea to go with the suspenders like this - I sure hope this catches on!

This man has the most amazing abs - it's worth the price of admission to see JULIA & BUDDY just to get to look at his abs through the semi-transparent white tank top. His abs are like a third character in the play.