Monday, January 01, 2007

Nutrisystem for men - because a man's time is too valuable for that wimmin shit

One of the more obnoxious commercials currently running on TV is for NutriSystem's program for men. I saw it in the middle of what I assume is the TV premiere of "Supersize Me."

Some "Hall of Famer" speaks this, but they helpfully had the text on the NutriSystem site.:
...That's why NutriSystem is great for guys. It lets you eat your favorite foods, but in an incredibly smart and effective way. No counting, no measuring, no weighing in. What guy has the patience for that?
See, only those fool women have time to do the utterly tedious, time-wasting aspects of weight-loss. Men's time is too important for that.

But now the good news, sort of - men are now feeling serious pressure to do their share of the housework. How do I know? Because there's now an "anti-anti-clutter" movement according to one of the NYTimes most-emailed stories and people are saying "yes to mess."

Cleaning is no longer strictly women's work, and suddenly there's a pro-mess movement. Coincidence? I doubt it.