Thursday, July 12, 2018

I have created a monster

Mr. Fuzz taking his daily constitutional
My two cats are getting on in years, they are both almost 15 years old and are showing signs of age.

Poor Miss Willow has a thyroid problem and has to have a topical treatment in her ears twice a day. She eats and eats thanks to the hyperthyroidism but is still too thin. I stopped giving her the medicine for a while because she's such a pain in the ass about taking it (she's semi-feral and hates to be handled too much by anybody, even me) and she almost wasted away. I won't be trying that again.

Mr. Fuzz, on the other hand, is too fat. And he has asthma and the doctor said it would help if he lost weight. So I have begun a regime of making Mr. Fuzz walk up and down our apartment building stairs once or twice or sometimes even three times a day. And he loves it. As soon as he gets in the mood to go down the stairs he will stand by the door and start screaming to go out. Ugh. But at least he's getting some exercise. I even got him a harness for cats, and although he tolerates wearing it for a few minutes after awhile he gets tired of it and flops down on his side in protest. And unfortunately I can't really take him for walks. The streets of this neighborhood, while relatively quiet for Manhattan are still too much for a cat who has spent all but a few hours (in total) of his entire life indoors.