Thursday, May 04, 2006

Slings and Arrows

It's a shame that so many people in the NYC theatre world have not yet seen the Canadian mini-series Slings and Arrows - the second season is now playing on Sundance Channel. It's a show about the theatre artists and administrators who work for the fictitious New Burbage Theatre, and is very true-to-life. It even has an obnoxious, self-important director who threatens to sue the theatre. Is there something about directors that makes them litigious?

The first season was better than the second season, but both are great. Hopefully both seasons will be released on DVD soon.

And for Broadway people - Don McKellar, the actor who played the obnoxious director, wrote the book for the currently running The Drowsy Chaperone. Bob Martin, who played the accountant/actor ("you da money man!") on S&A, and also wrote and produced S&A, plays 'Man in Chair' in Chaperone.