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The Plays of Nancy McClernan

(AKA N.G. McClernan)

10-minute plays

The Helicopter

1 woman, 1 man

Helen and Bob are so intent on learning who will be promoted that they don't pay attention to the unfolding tragedy downtown until Helen learns her daughter is involved.


3 women, 2 men

Gerry and Sandy bicker about the dangers of city playgrounds and prejudice until some bad kids come by and steal their bikes.

Mr. Black

1 woman, 2 men

Mr. Black is ready to risk his life for a mistreated dog, and by extension, everybody who is mistreated.

Personal Jesus

3 men, 3 women

Mellow Jesus and Angry Jesus answer prayers - that are mutually exclusive. Only the power of a Zen koan can help them now.

One-act plays

The Slash

2 women, 2 men

Bernadette and Sharon, email pals, are writing a slash story together. But real life intrudes on their story, and vice versa.

The Beneficent Power of Revenge

3 women, 1 man or woman

Ruth and Martha argue over what to do about their mother, who is sinking into dementia, until a doctor tries some experimental drugs that revive her, and some of her bad old personality traits.

Monkey's Paw 2000

4 actors, could be male or female

Chris and Andy are hired to create a web site for a client, who they learn has bought a magical monkey's paw on eBay. The client learns that the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

New Rules

1 woman, 3 men

Maxine has found the perfect man, but so has Eric, and it's the same man. Meanwhile, Doug tries not to get fired.

I See London

1 woman, 2 men

Laura and Bob are getting divorced, and Bob's brother Jason sees his chance. But as always, there's the worry about health insurance.

Full-length plays

Tam Lin

4 women, 6 men (could be 4 men, 6 women if the roles of the Faerie Queen and her elven knights are gender-reversed.)

Based on the Scottish folk song "Tam Lin." The Queen of the Faeries has kidnapped handsome young Tam Lin and made him her boy toy. Her elven knights are not pleased. Seven years later, Janet, escaping from an arranged marriage with Lord Aberdeen, runs away and meets Tam Lin in the forest of Carterhaugh. Meanwhile, Margaret, Janet's lady-in-waiting ends up with Aberdeen while masquerading as Janet. Janet and Margaret end up with morning sickness - or is it the haggis?

Huck Finn

4 men, 3 women

Based on Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Huck is running away from his abusive father and Jim, a slave is running away from his owner Miss Watson. They meet on Jackson's island and take a raft down the Mississippi. Jim is heading for the Ohio River and freedom, Huck is helping him, but keeps having second thoughts about helping to steal property from Miss Watson, who tried to make him a God-fearing Christian. They meet the King and the Duke, a couple of rapscallions, and soon Huck finds he has to make a choice - be a good law-abiding citizen and sell his friend out - or go to hell.

Early One Morning

3 women, 3 men.

Didi and Ali jump at the chance to spend the weekend in bed. Meanwhile Ali's mother Razima is desperately trying to make him come home in time to meet his fiance, and then more desperately to save him from his father's violence. She enlists the aid of Shayna, Ali's roommate, who loves Ali, to try to reach him before it's too late. But Razima reacts violently herself after she succeeds.

Jane Eyre

3 women, 3 men.

Jane Eyre has grown up orphaned and unloved. At age eighteen she takes a job as governess for the enigmatic Edward Rochester. Jane falls in love with Rochester in spite of his odd behavior but her love is tested when the horrible truth about Rochester is revealed. Jane is forced to choose between love without morality, or morality without love. An adaptation of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel, uses various devices to capture the original work's first-person narrative without sacrificing dramatic excitement.


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